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Although I’ve been photographing weddings for over fourteen years, I still find each one just as exciting and inspiring as the first ones I photographed. I love photographing people in love to capture those little moments and special gestures unique to each couple. And of course, I’ve mentioned I love to travel. Whether I’m driving along the leafy lanes of southern England or hopping on a plane for a destination wedding, I’m always excited to be heading somewhere unfamiliar.

It’s become somewhat a cliché for photographers to say they’ve had a camera in their hands since they were a child, but as the daughter of a professional photographer, I suppose it was inevitable that I would start young. Although I only have hazy memories of it, my sisters and I often accompanied my dad when he was shooting sporting events, and I’ve had my own camera from around the age of eight.

I studied Graphic Design & Photography and worked as a video editor and producer, but my love of photography combined with a passion for travel, seeing new places, and meeting new people led me to start my own wedding photography business.

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There are many, many photographs that I have in albums or print boxes that are very special to me, but these are a few of those that are my most cherished; these are the ones that stir up emotions and memories.

The middle picture at the top is one of the first I ever took, it shows my Mum, Dad and Grandad, and I would have been around eight at the time. When I look at this image, I still remember the smell and feel the warmth from the greenhouse.

The others are various snapshots of family life, all with beautiful memories attached. Visiting the zoo, walking in Richmond Park with my parents, sitting on the doorstep with my Nan and a nostalgic scene from the ’80s with my sisters on a very retro swing chair. All would have slipped from memory if we didn’t have the photos.

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My aim is to capture and preserve your day, starting from morning preparations until your guests are all giddy on the dance floor. Please get in touch and tell me your ideas. I will send you a link to my brochure or create a bespoke package to fit with your plans.