Amsterdam North Wedding – Dieuwertje & Marco

Amsterdam North Wedding

Ok, so this is a rather large blog post, I just couldn’t resist showing as much as possible from the wedding of Dewey and Marco.

I have been really looking forward to sharing this post, Dewey and Marco are like family to me! (I am engaged to Dewey’s brother)

It was such an incredible day filled with plenty of emotion! (Myself included, I found myself hiding behind my camera so nobody could see my tear-filled eyes)

Dewey and Marco have such an amazing connection, photographing them is a dream as they are so natural in front of the camera and show so much love for each other.

Dewey got ready at her parent’s house in Amsterdam North before Marco arrived for their first look – Such a beautiful moment!! We then all walked 5 minutes down their parent’s road to the Buiksloterkerk, a very beautiful church with a lot of history for Dewey’s family. Many generations have been married and buried at the church so it is a very special venue.

Part of the reception was held outside the church and included lots of singing in both Dutch and Portuguese, I believe anyone who had a birthday the same day was serenaded! – Such good fun!!

After several drinks, cake cutting, and the formals, myself Dewey and Marco popped into Amsterdam for a portrait session before heading to Het Dykhuis for the rest of their celebrations.

Dewey’s dress was from  Fem Wedding Shop in Monnickendam

Hair and make by Simcha 

Marco ‘s suit along with the father of the bride and brother of the bride was from Zano.


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If you are planning an Amsterdam North wedding, please do get in touch for more information and pricing.