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Joy, love and genuine connection

An Image from Every wedding photographed in 2022

2022 was my 15 year anniversary, And It rocked!

Selecting images for end-of-year posts can be quite daunting, as there are so many I love and want to include. But, my goal for this selection was to choose images with joy, images that felt real, and images that told a story of love and connection on a day when family and friends come together.

I am so grateful to every couple for trusting me into their lives to capture such precious memories on their wedding day.

So here it is, my favourite moments of 2022, scroll down to take a look!

I've really enjoyed looking back through all the amazing weddings I photographed in 2022 and selecting images for this post. I hadn’t realised how many weddings I had actually photographed and thought it was around my usual amount of 25-30 but nope… a whopping 44! This is incredible. I never in my wildest dreams believed I could book that amount of weddings in one year!

It was also a special year since we found out I was pregnant at the end of May! The energy, joy and inspiration from each and every couple has continued my love I have for this role in life, I can't wait to see what the next 15 years of photography holds for me.



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