Merchants Hall Bristol Wedding – Chris & Kirsty

Merchants Hall Bristol Wedding Photography

I ventured out to Bristol for my first ever military wedding, and what a wonderful day it was! I absolutely loved the guys all in uniform, and the sword arch for Chris and Kirsty to walk under as they left the ceremony. It was so special to be able to capture something so different.

For Chris and Kirsty’s portrait session, we made our way to the Clifton Suspension Bridge for a classic Bristol backdrop, it’s such a beautiful area and it couldn’t be missed, especially as Chris is an engineer with a passion for construction.

I fell in love with all the little details, gingerbread men favors, homemade by Kirsty. Wallice and Gromit table plans, and hot air balloons with Gingerbread men passengers, all such cute touches.

I was so impressed when Chris got up with the band during the party and played some tunes, not only did he impress on the electric guitar but saxophone too – such a talented groom! Kirsty played the perfect groupie; I believe a pair of knickers were thrown and left to dangle on the end of Chris’ guitar!

Thank you Miss Debbie Stevens for passing on my details to Chris and Kirsty, and thank you so much Chris and Kirsty for allowing me to document your first day together as husband and wife.  x

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Merchants Hall Bristol Wedding Photography by Louise Adby; if you are in need of a wedding photographer for your wedding in Bristol please get in touch and say hi.