Dartmouth House London Photographer – Olivia & Matthieu


Dartmouth House London Photographer

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Olivia and Matthieu met when at University. Before long, Olivia, a sweet English girl was swept off her feet by this handsome Frenchman! They started dating and seven years later Matthieu asked his lovely girlfriend to be his wife. Away on holiday in Cuba, after a long day of sun, sand and a lovely dinner they walked out onto the beach. Matthieu felt this was the perfect moment to ask the most important of questions, so he did! Olivia was surprised and the ring was a classically simple and stunning!

The couple decided on a more modern and urban approach to their wedding. They chose Dartmouth House, a gorgeous converted townhouse venue in the heart of London. Located in Mayfair, the 16th century erected locale is rich with English history. Converted to a townhouse in the 19th century by Lord Revelstoke, the Dartmouth House attracts couples from all over England to celebrate their special day. Both Olivia and Matthieu wanted simple elegance, refined and cozy with a modern feel. They chose a white and blue colour scheme to accent the gold and cream surroundings, to achieve the warmth that the couple had envisioned!

Olivia chose the very first dress she tried on and wow! What a knockout. She looked stunning walking up the grand staircase with her father! And Matthieu – you could tell by the look on his face that he was truly smitten. The registrar had the crowd in stitches by referring to Olivia as “Oliver”! The little slip lightened the mood and made everyone smile. Another funny moment was when Olivia struggled to slide Matthieu’s ring onto his finger. There were giggles all around which truly made the ceremony a light-hearted one.

After the vows, we stepped outside, welcomed by some gorgeous April weather and a shower of beautifully colourful confetti! We took full advantage of the gorgeous surroundings that Dartmouth House had to offer. The textures and numerous backdrops made the portraits really pop. I was able to work with several unusual vantage points and ideas that complimented this beautiful couple. The grand staircase inside was definitely my favourite. The view from above was breathtaking – some of my very favourite shots from this day!

Olivia and Matthieu both wanted a piece of both England and France present on their wedding day. Both flags flew outside the Dartmouth House and they gave out frog shaped chocolate lollipops to men (French inspired) and roses for the women (go England!) They glided across the glistening dance floor, swaying to the sweet and romantic sounds of Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You”, whilst Olivia’s parents found it hard to contain their emotion watching lovingly from the side.

Advice to other couples? Enjoy each and every moment because the day goes by in a flurried rush! You come to the end and wish you could hit rewind and do it all over again! I always ask my couples to sum up their day in a single sentence. Well for Olivia and Matthieu it was tied up into a neat little bow and described in one single solitary word – “perfect”.

What an amazing day!