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My Approach

I’ll also take you away for some quiet time together while I craft some beautiful and romantic portraits.

As the evening arrives I’ll be ready to throw myself into the thick of the action on the dance floor. With my camera in hand, I’ll be capturing your family and friends as they let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

When your celebrations are over I’ll be hard at work, selecting the best images of your day and individually editing each one so that you will have a beautiful collection of images for your photo box or album.

I love everything about a wedding day, from the smallest details of the location to the most special moments of the day. The look on a proud parent's face as they see their child for the first time dressed in their wedding attire, the tension building up to the ceremony, through to the elderly aunt who amazes everyone when she takes to the dance floor.

My photographic style is clean and fresh, it’s creative but at the same time, it’s classic and won’t date. My unobtrusive approach to documenting your day allows me to capture all those spontaneous moments, the laughter, the love and the tears of happiness.

bride and groom performing comical dance at wedding

Letting Loose and Having Fun


My absolute favourite weddings are those where no one is afraid to be up there rocking the dance floor as the celebrations move into the evening. From brides and grooms to elderly relatives, if someone is having fun on the dance floor I’ll be in the thick of the action capturing every move.

Sherborne Abbey Wedding Ceremony

Comical Moments


Sometimes it’s small children, other times it’s parents or even grandparents but every wedding has it’s share of funny moments. Often the bride and groom will miss out on these moments of comedy but I’ll be there to catch them!

golden hour portraits at chateau de Lacoste wedding



Of course romance is at the heart of your day so we will make some time to sneak away for some quiet time away from all the activity. With some gentle guidance and direction your portraits will be natural and un-posed and will be a genuine reflection of your love for each other.

formal photo outside cowdray house



Although I wouldn’t describe my style as traditional I do like to carve out a little time for the tradition of group photographs, they don’t need to take too long or have endless combinations of people but it’s great to have a few group photos of family members, after all it’s not often the whole family will get together.

The Details


You will have put a lot of thought into even the smallest detail of your day and I will make sure that they are all beautifully documented. I have a secret love of interior design which I can indulge through photographing your venue and all the intricate details.

the look of love


Is in your eyes
A look your smile can't

Sorry I couldn’t help but burst into song with a title like that, but I really do love capturing those loving looks between the two of you along with proud loving looks from family members.

beer pong at wedding

Your guests


Most of the time they will hardly notice I’m there but I’ll be in the background documenting your guests so that no part of the story of your day goes untold.

bride and groom laughing on dancefloor

Genuine emotion


As a natural observer I’ll be capturing those little moments, that look, that touch, that smile. During your portraits I’ll guide you into the best light but then I’ll allow those moments to unfold naturally.

surrey wedding photographer party

From Preparations to dance floor action


I want to be there to capture your whole story, from morning preparations until well into the party action and all the moments in-between!

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dancing at cowdray house

My aim is to capture and preserve your day, starting from morning preparations until your guests are all giddy on the dance floor. Please get in touch and tell me your ideas. I will send you a link to my brochure or create a bespoke package to fit with your plans.