Wesley’s Chapel Wedding – Peter & Winnie

Wesley’s Chapel London Wedding Photography

After a very fun engagement session around Horniman museum, and getting to know Peter and Winnie, I can honestly say that I was really looking forward to photographing their wedding. They are such a genuine, warm, sweet couple with such big hearts.

This was my first ever, African Caribbean wedding, and oh my, it was so amazing! First of all, during the preparation when Winnie was ready to get her dress on, around 6/7 ladies came walking through the front door singing at the top of their voices, they all helped Winnie to get into her dress, whilst still singing and dancing, they blessed the dress, blessed Winnie and said a few prayers. The atmosphere in the room was unexplainable.

It was such a bright and beautiful day in many ways; the sun was shining and almost all the guests and bridesmaids were in traditional dress.

A traditional ceremony was held, with stories of how both Peter and Winnie met which made it feel so personal.  During the signing of the register, several of the guests erupted into song and dance. I wish I had a recording of it, as it was just so wonderful, energetic, and heartwarming, I wanted to join in and dance.

I have honestly never seen so many people at a reception before, this was probably one of the largest weddings I have photographed; the venue was full to capacity! It was great to see so many people come and celebrate such a special day.

A buffet was arranged with traditional African food, which was fantastic!

I think the speech by the best man was so honest, and from just a few brief meetings with Winnie and Peter I could totally relate to what he was saying about both their personalities, I had to do my usual, hide behind my camera to stop a few tears from showing!

Celebrations went on late into the night, with amazing dancing and Peter and Winnie making a change into traditional African dress.

A big thank you to both of you for choosing me as your photographer, hopefully, we can meet for coffee soon x


Preparation – Peter and Winnie’s home / Wedding Ceremony¬†– Wesley’s Chapel / Wedding Reception – The Waterlily

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