2019 Personal Highlights – Weddings & Engagements

26th June 2020

Looking Back on 2019

Last year I posted my round-up of the previous year in March, and I told myself I wouldn’t ever be so late again. Yet here we are in June and it’s only now that I’m looking back and sharing my highlights of 2019. In my defence 2020 has turned out to be the strangest year, so why not wait until June to look back! December and January were hectic months for me, and by the time I was starting to catch up, Coronavirus was raising its ugly head, and things began to get difficult for many people.

With 2020 weddings all postponing up until July (and probably beyond) it’s been a real shock to my system, and I’m saddened that my beloved industry is really struggling. There’s been a lot of admin to deal with, but I’m so happy and grateful that most of my couples are just postponing to next year. Of course, the downside of this is that there won’t be as much availability for newly engaged couples, that does make me sad, but hopefully, it’s just a short term issue.

So now, with plenty time on my hands, and needing to cheer myself up by looking back at all the fantastic weddings I photographed last year, it feels like the perfect time to share a round-up of 2019.

Looking back has reminded me of how much I love this job. Weddings will resume again and these beautiful moments that you see in the images I’ve chosen to share will surely be amplified after we’ve distanced ourselves for what may turn out to be most of the year. I truly believe that weddings in the future will be filled with so much more emotion and the biggest hugs and kisses. I just wish we could all appreciate the love of weddings right now.

In this pause I feel lucky that last year was filled with so many wonderful weddings, it’s a privilege to be a part of these days filled with love that we share with our closest friends and family. 

Last year I travelled to many beautiful destinations, all around the UK and in France and Italy. As always there was an inspiring mix of venues with country homes, marquees, chateaus, villas and elegant hotels. I enjoyed being a second shooter for photographer friends, and having those friends do the same for me.

As photographers, we can never stop learning, and last year I continued to develop my skills with inspiring workshops such as Ninedots and Elevate and as much online training as time allowed. These workshops always leave me feeling inspired and excited, as well as helping me keep improving and refining my photography skills.

Looking back is making me all the more desperate to be out there again meeting and photographing so many wonderful people every weekend. This job is pretty special. I might not be able to shoot for the next few months, but I’ll still be busy working on my business, improving my service to my couples and working on my photography skills.

The selection of photos I have chosen are a reflection of my favourite moments. They highlight love and connection, the fun that’s had at weddings as well as those quiet moments of contemplation. 

I love that there’s so much variety in the locations; marquees, churches, country houses, barns, back gardens, pubs and registry offices, and even a treehouse! I’ve had every type of weather thrown at me from the hottest day of the year to snowstorms where I thought I might not make it to the wedding (I did, fortunately!) with lots of sunshine, wind and rain in-between.

When so many small businesses like mine are going through the most uncertain times imaginable taking the time to write this post and look back over last years weddings has made me even more determined to survive this challenging period. For all my current couples who are rearranging dates, and for future clients who are yet to book, I hope these photos add a little cheer to a difficult time.




Lovely images Louise! And you’re not late at all – I’ve still not done my 2018 highlights yet, let alone 2019! Nx

Corker of a year Louise. I love the variety in your body of work – a real patchwork of natural portraits and moments.

Wonderful set of images Louise! So many brilliant moments and lots of loved-up couples!

In almost every picture you see the love between people. Its a treat from start to finish!

Looks like you had great year Louise. Funny looking at the wedding with the snow, that feels like so long ago.

Some amazing photos from last year! Bet you’re absolutely buzzing to get photographing weddings again haha!

What a super year you had! So many happy memories and places visited. Beautiful and elegant work as always. Can’t wait to catch up soon xxx