Cooling Castle Wedding Photography – Lauren & Matt

30th May 2014

Lauren and Matt’s Cooling Castle Wedding Photography

Rochester, Kent

It was so special to photograph Lauren and Matt’s Cooling Castle wedding. Lauren and I used to go to a little school together, we were the best of friends until I moved away to Singapore, and we lost touch. I was so delighted that she stumbled across me in her search for a photographer and asked me to capture her wedding day.

All the celebrations took place at Cooling Castle Barn; a wonderful location in Kent (Jools Holland lives in the castle)

Both Lauren and Matt got ready at the location making it nice and easy for me to pop between the two. There are three different barn areas, all very rustic and charming, surrounding beautifully manicured gardens where we were all able to enjoy the reception in the lovely sunshine.

Seeing each other after 20 years was pretty amazing!! I am so happy our paths crossed again :) xxx

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