The Savile Club London – Carmen & Rasheed

20th October 2016

The Savile Club London Wedding Photography

How Carmen and Rasheed Met

Carmen and Rasheed were paired up coincidentally at a mutual friend’s wedding. They all had attended the same school, yet Carmen and Rasheed had never met! Carmen noticed Rasheed right away when the reception started. It wasn’t until much later in the evening that they started chatting and the chemistry was instantaneous. The two got along so well, that they planned their first date only two days after attending the wedding. For the next three years, they were living apart as Carmen was in Reading and Rasheed in Liverpool.

The Proposal

Fast forward just three short years later, the couple went on holiday to Spain – a beautiful area that Carmen had visited every summer since birth. The area where they stayed is very special to Carmen and her family. Traditions were cultivated and nurtured in this beautiful place. They were swimming in the middle of the sea, when all of a sudden, Rasheed floated the ring up from under the water! Talk about romantic and daring all rolled into one – proposing right in the very waters that her family had swum for generations! Carmen was so completely caught off guard and the moment was utterly perfect!

St. James’s Church London

The ceremony was held at St. James’s Church in Marylebone, London. A church steeped deeply in Spanish history, it was a perfect blend of spice and tradition that appealed to Carmen’s family background. Beautifully arched windows and the softest of light sparkled delicately as Carmen was walking down the aisle. Arms intertwined, they walked down the aisle together, her dad softly telling her jokes to make her laugh and keep her nerves at bay. Carmen looked amazing in her traditional lace sleeved gown, but it was that radiant smile that really set her apart. The readings and hymns were all chosen by the pair and they had total control over the ceremony, which made the process even more enjoyable and put their minds at ease.

London Wedding Portraits

Heading out onto the streets of London nearby the church to take portraits, we stumbled upon a private garden attached to some mews houses. At just the right moment, a resident was walking in and we were able to sneak our way into the beautiful area. Carmen and Rasheed were absolutely glowing post-ceremony and you could feel the love they shared radiating from them. Their love of flowers and greenery made the garden square a lovely choice.

The Savile Club London Wedding Venue

When discussing the vision of the wedding, Carmen and Rasheed agreed on a classically elegant styled wedding. English garden styled centerpieces and bouquets that were loose and natural. Carmen’s talented sister had hand-painted book covers to present the table names.

The Savile Club London wedding venue was where they ultimately decided to hold their celebrations. The London location made the Savile Club a good fit as well as a middle ground for the family members on both sides to meet. They both had people coming in from all over the world, but mostly from Spain and the Middle East.

The party was held in the “Sandpit” room at the Savile Club. A beautiful wood-paneled room with pictures hanging on every wall. Carmen and Rasheed’s first dance was to “I Won’t Dance” by Frank Sinatra which was a great choice for a first dance. The two who both consider themselves to not be very talented at dancing, so the song and title seemed appropriate. They chose to not give favours but saw the day as the gift to their guests.

What advice would Carmen and Rasheed give to other couples?

Plan the wedding together – this way you will look back and know that you both had a hand in designing the perfect day.


The Suppliers

Florist – Scarlet & Violet / Wedding Band – Sliding Vinyl / Videographers – Minty Slippers

If you are planning a Savile Club London wedding, please pop over to my contact form and let me know your plans for the day. I would love to photograph your wedding and hear more about your plans.

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